The IMPACT Award currently offers three award and certificate programs.  Some awards are offered just for schools and others require individual participation.


This award is student based. Students nominate one another through their school’s IMPACT site; faculty and staff may nominate students as well. From those nominations a winner is chosen by committee to receive the monthly award. They will receive a Certificate and Hawaiian Style Lei. This is a blind nomination so individual students will not be aware of the award until they receive it. Their names will be posted on their school’s site until the next months winner is chosen. This award is offered to schools K-12. Open enrollment is offered anytime during the academic school year.

Individual IMPACT Project Certificate:

This award program is offered to youth grades 4-12. The difference is that the students sign-up with their own IMPACT page to submit and track their personal projects each year. Students who successfully complete a project will be given a digital certificate of accomplishment. Students may submit their completed projects and digital certificate during the qualifying months of March and April of the academic school year into an overall category based on geographical regions. From those submissions select projects will be chosen as region representatives, and will be invited to a special luncheon/ or visit with a Government official. Winners will be announced in May of that academic school year. Prizes may also include summer leadership camps and activity’s. This award is offered to any school age youth grades 4-12 (Ages 9-18). This includes home schooled and private school students. Enrollment is offered year around.

Teacher IMPACT Project Certificate:

This award is offered to teachers wishing to complete a project with their class. Pre-set projects will be offered and participating teachers can complete their projects any time during the academic school year. Once their project is completed the Teacher will submit a “Tell all about It” report. The class will be spotlighted on their school IMPACT site, and the teacher’s name will be submitted into an overall drawing for Educational Summer Trips. Each year teachers will be chosen by random drawing for the above prizes. The dates of trips will be announced ahead of time to insure the Teacher can participate (No Cash Value, Just Fun). This award is offered to any Teacher K-12. Enrollment is offered year around, but the school must have an active School IMPACT site in order to participate.